Four Hands

Four Hands 1h x 110 € / 90 min x 145 €


The four-hand massage is performed by two therapists who work symmetrically - performing both the same movements as if they were reflected in a mirror or asymmetric, dedicating each of them to a specific area all movements are harmonized, creating a massage choreographed, using relaxing music and tempered natural oils, flavored with essential oils. This experience is irresistible both for the experienced client and for those who wish to enjoy an unforgettable journey through the body.



The 4 Hands Relaxing Massage will help you release muscular tensions and activate the body's energy. It will also help you improve the drainage of fluids (lymph and blood) and optimize the functioning of the organs. Undoubtedly, the main feature of this four-handed massage on your body is the balancing-relaxing effect of the therapeutic contact of two masseurs on the client's body. Neither more nor less than four hands on your body will help you forget any tension you may have accumulated: Your mind will tend to disconnect since you can not focus on four hands simultaneously.