Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue 1h x 60 € / 40min x 45 € / 30min x 35 €


A deep relaxation massage is used to relax the muscles and dissolve the tensions that are produced by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or a life too sedentary. It is a massage somewhat stronger than a relaxing type only, although it does not have to be more painful than necessary, only the natural while working the area that is tense; using more time in the localized work of Legs, Back and Nape. Depending on the need, we use auxiliary tools, such as: (suction cups, stones, wood, menthol ointments, hydra-alcoholic gel, etc.) to achieve the desired results in less time. The client must access the use of these tools in his body.



  • Activates blood circulation and lymph, eliminating toxins.
  • Relax and help to sleep well, resting deeply.
  • It relieves migraines and headaches, whether they are caused by cervical tensions or by excess of toxins in the body.
  • It helps to evacuate better (it should be done at least once a day)
  • It keeps the elastic skin eliminating dead cells and nourishes it, as long as good vegetable oils are used.
  • In some cases it helps to release emotions.
  • Makes you feel more vital and energized



  • It is recommended for people with muscle overload, with points or areas of high tension or who perform frequent intense activity.
  • This technique not only alleviates pain or dissolves localized tension, which, depending on the time it takes, will have to be treated with more or less sessions .