Bio Massage

Bio Massage 1h x 80 € / 90 min x 115 €


The Biomassage is action, attention, smoothness and precision, directing the hands with the brain.

'' Dr. V. Lino Ferrándiz ''

It is a manual technique that, applied through specific manipulations, attempts to mobilize, relax, decontract, loosen, activate the soft tissues of the body in order to generate or restore health. A more comprehensive and holistic view of this manipulative art leads us to the fact that chiromassage and the different therapies performed on a regular basis on the body, will generate not only a physical but also a psychic wellbeing, by acting on structures that accumulate tension and the different reflex points of the body.


This special massage is a combination of alternative therapy techniques and different massage maneuvers. In our Center begins with the reception of relaxing aromas and musical notes impregnated in the atmosphere.


Once on a stretcher, the therapist's hands come into contact with the client activating the main lymphatic glands of the body, to favor the activation of the lymphatic and blood circulation, which guarantees the prompt and notorious results of this massage.


The therapist continues to perform an exploration using the palms and acupressure for almost the entire body, while locating the tension zones. This holistic technique involves Foot and Facial Reflexology to activate the reflex points of the feet and face, related to the different organs and parts of the body.


Stretches are typical of Thai massage that together with the kneading of the deep muscles, corresponding to the Balinese, cause the body to reach a very high activation from the inside to the outside; Through the Hindu massage around the scalp, the nervous system is relaxed transmitting this relaxation to the whole body.


Seal all this paradise of sensations, the touch of warm volcanic stones on the back, not to mention the spray of natural oil flavoured and tempered throughout the body.