Vietnamese Facial Reflexology + Head Massage

Vietnamese Facial Reflexology

Vietnamese Facial Reflexology + Head Massage 45 min. x 50 €


The Vietnamese Facial Reflexology or Facioterapia, is a simple and painless technique, and consists of sessions of short duration, with observable results in a few minutes. It is a therapy discovered by Dr. Búi Quôc Châu more than 20 years ago. This is a technique in constant evolution, therefore, working alone or combine it with other medicines or techniques can give very good results.


Facial reflexology is a holistic technique that helps by stimulating the nervous points and the areas of the face. Through touch and manipulation of the muscles of the face, deposits can be identified in the deeper layers of the skin. Deposits are obstructions of energy. In addition, it allows the body to release endorphins quickly, and regulates blood, hormones and strengthens the immune system. This offers a multitude of combinations between reflection schemes, tools and fixed points on the face that give them their multi-reflexological dimension.


Facioterapia can be an easy and reliable diagnostic method. However, it does not intend to identify diseases as clinical examinations of western and eastern medicine can. As with all therapies, it should not be considered a panacea. In Bio Massage, we conclude the Faciotherapy section, with a relaxing massage, which involves the areas of the face, head and neck. The well-being provided by this therapy finished with the relaxing head massage, without a doubt, gives indescribable pleasurable sensations to the whole organism.