Foot Reflexology + Foot Massage

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology + Foot Massage 50min x 55 €


The history of the Reflexoterapia Podal dates from centuries (2330 A.c.) approx. This method of Therapy is renewed again, thanks to the effort and work of Dr. William Fitzgerald. Eunice Inglan physiotherapist, continues with the research and establishes the anatomical corresponding with the feet, dedicating her life to the practice and diffusion of this technique. For several years many patients were treated with this technique of massage and pressure with the thumb, from their experiences and discoveries are born their two works, the first published in 1938.


Defined as the science of reflexes, foot reflexology is a form of foot massage that works in areas that correspond to specific organs of the body. In cases where the organs may have problems, reflexology points are stimulated in an attempt to relieve pain and tension. Its benefits include: helping nerve function, increasing energy levels, promoting circulation, stimulating relaxation and allowing healing.


Reflexology can alleviate most common ailments, in addition to reinforcing an existing state of well-being. It is beneficial since we are born, the touch and the signs of affection when caressing the feet reinforce self-esteem and self-confidence. In Bio Massage, we conclude the section of Foot Reflexology, with a relaxing foot massage. The relief provided by this therapy is completed with the indescribable feeling of well-being that the whole body feels for the massage.