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"Aroma" means, smell and "therapy" treatment, if we put all of it together, Aromatherapy will find the meaning, treatment that provides better health, through the use and application of Essential Oils.


Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils extracted from natural plants in order to maintain and improve our physical and mental and emotional state. The essential oil of each plant is present in each one in small quantities, it is that vital force of the plant that we introduce into the body through aromatherapy, with the healing effects that relieve different parts of the body.


Aromatherapy is considered a therapy within natural medicine. From the holistic approach, the person is considered as an interrelated whole. Therefore, treatments must take into account the characteristics of the person to achieve the desired results.


The sense of smell is linked to emotions and memory, breathing certain aromas influence mood, improve concentration, promote relaxation, and relieve depression.

However, the magic of essential oils along with the healing properties is complemented by massage, they can enhance your life and help you avoid illness.

To understand its meaning, it is necessary to discover about its origins and the power of essential oils, how they can be used and the different ways of their application

The beginnings of this therapy go back to the origins of man, since primitive peoples used plants both to cure their ailments and in religious rituals.


In 1887, the French professor Camberland carried out the first scientific experimentation demonstrating the antiseptic power of the essential oils. In 1990 the Englishman Martindale quantified the anti-infective power of essential oils and proceeded to its Classification.


The chemist Gattefossé suffered severe burns on one hand due to an explosion in his laboratory, he immersed his hand in Lavender oil, verifying that besides attenuating the pain, there was no infection, and immediately improving the healing. He continued with his research for in 1928 he published his first book "Aromathérapie"


Among the various essential oils can be noted for its multiple benefits:


•Lavender: healing, antidepressant, muscle relaxant,

•Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, eliminates muscle fatigue

•The tea tree: bactericidal, antiseptic, insecticide, excellent with herpes, acne and burns.


Aromatherapy can be used to treat a variety of ailments:


•Muscle contracture

•Tired legs

•Joint pains

•Skin and hair problems