Anti Stress Abdominal (Traditional Canary)

Anti Stress Abdominal

Anti Stress Abdominal (Traditional Canary) 1h x 45 €h


Circular massage clockwise or vice versa (but always in the same direction). The circles can be of greater or lesser amplitude and should always end in the navel. They are made with both hands or with only one hand, with the palm of the hand, with the heel of the hand, with the tips of the fingers, with the singing, with the knuckles and even with the fist in very exceptional cases. It should be very especially on and under the cartilage of the ribs (muscle diaphragm). It is indicated for discomforts that are reflected at the level of the mouth of the stomach, either by nervous, scares, disgust or empache.




They are Canarian expressions and they have their origin in the popular medicine of the Canary Islands.


The empacho:


It is a disease due to poor digestion of certain foods. It is usually more frequent in children than in adults and its symptoms are manifested by the onset of nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite and all this may or may not be associated with fever.




It is due, as the name suggests, to a scare or a strong impression and is manifested by the appearance of beats below the stomach area.

In the child, it is usually called "cropped mouth", in the woman "the decomposed mother", and in the man "badly of the pommel" or "fallen pommel".


The "crop" may be due to both a fright and to place ("turn") the child face down after having eaten, producing nausea and vomiting.