Facial Hydration + Massage

Facial Hydration + Massage 35min x 40 €


Our face is who reflects to others who we are, is our first letter of introduction to the world, having a nice complexion is not a matter of vanity, it is more than that, it is to take care of the health of the area of our body that is most exposed to sun and the weather. The water contained in the skin maintains its elasticity and hydration creates a protective barrier. If the percentage of low water decreases, the skin becomes rough due to dryness.


The well-being that this care brings to the face increases, with the delicate massage that we perform at the end of the treatment. This causes our nervous system to relax, providing a pleasant sensation of rest from both the skin of the face, as well as the body in general, by the activation of blood circulation and the drainage of excess liquids present in certain areas of the face.



  • The skin of the face will always be smooth and soft.


  • Wrinkles are diminished with the elasticity of the skin.


  • Open pores or black spots decrease and may disappear.



You can request 5min of Facial Reflexology within the time of the final massage.