Body Peeling + Full Massage

Body Peeling + Full Massage 1h x 65 €


The body peeling or exfoliation of the skin of the body is an aesthetic topical treatment, which is carried out for the rejuvenation of the skin of the body by applying a mixture of natural products to the epidermis. These products penetrate the skin and promote the elimination of the layers of dead cells and the increase in the production of elastin and collagen (proteins responsible for providing elasticity and firmness to skin tissues).


The corporal Peeling as it has been said, consists of applying natural products while we rub the skin, with circular movements. When performing this treatment on the epidermis, the dead skin cells are removed and new healthy cells appear. The result of a body exfoliation is a softer and younger skin.

This treatment becomes more attractive and complete, with the well-being provided by the relaxing massage that we add. This increases the beneficial results for the body, since the blood circulation is activated, thus nourishing more effectively the new cells that are forming in the skin.


Note: In Bio Massage at this time, we only perform this service at home.