Anti Cellulite + Reducer

Anti Cellulite / Reducer (Manual Technique, Maderotherapy & Cavitation) 1h x 55 €


First let's briefly know what cellulite is: it is a better or worse localized and widespread asaturation of metabolic overloads that impregnate the connective tissue of which women have a greater provision than men (since they have pregnancies). In the milling, this tissue is used as a dumping ground for toxic substances (of whatever type) that it can not metabolize. Metabolic or adipose overloads are alterations that are produced in women (although in some cases in men). However, do not fall into the error of a cure of weight loss brought to an extreme in which there is a loss of muscle tissue. Cellulitis appears in the connective tissue.


The Conjunctive Tissue is the most widespread throughout the body, It represents the support tissue of all organs. It has function to connect, unite different structures, also facilitates the sliding between the different muscle groups. Blood vessels, arteries, veins, and nerves flow through the conjunctive tissue, producing through it exchanges of oxygen and carbon dioxide, nutritive substances, and the elimination of toxic waste.













In a computer mode, we comment on the different cellulite classifications according to:


Its location (Fuzzy or Fixed)

Its distribution in the different areas of the body (Generalized or Localized)

Its consistency to palpation (hard, soft or flaccid, edematous, mixed)

According to its evolution through time (1st stage: Premestrual Syndrome, 2nd stage: diencephalic and endocrine dysfunctions, 3rd stage: Development of subcutaneous geloid fibroedema)




You must bear in mind that cellulite should not be confused with obesity. Losing weight does not mean that it will disappear.

The slimming treatment does not cure cellulite.

You have to watch the diet and do not forget to drink a minimum of 2L of water per day.

Anti-cellulite treatments based on creams and cosmetic products are usually slow.

You have to treat them and fight them throughout the year, not just two months before going to the beach.


In '' Bio Massage '' we use three of the most used techniques, manual technique which, when performed correctly, gives good results, with Maderoterapia we work in depth on the tissue, and it adapts very well to any mass volume, enhances toning and dragging the adipocytes released during the massage and Cavitation helps among others to the elimination and drainage of fat and liquids accumulated in the areas.


There are many benefits of making anti-cellulite massages, as it greatly helps in the lymphatic drainage, the reabsorption of liquids that are accumulated in adipose tissue, helping to eliminate accumulated fats helping to eliminate the fats accumulated by the metabolism. In other words, frequent anti-cellulite massage, reduces the risk of fibrosis, and also relaxes the body due to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of the products that are applied. Depending on the type of cellulitis that the patient has, it will be the progress and improvement that will be had with the help of the massages (these can be with mechanical and manual pressure on the affected area) and with the use of anti-cellulite creams that will improve the appearance of the skin. These are just some benefits of getting massages to fight cellulite.



Valuable information about cavitation:




It does not need surgery.

There is a real fat loss.

Reduction of waist centimeters and body volume.

Improvement of areas of difficult access through diet or exercise.

Regeneration of the elasticity of the skin.

Decrease in cellulite.

Contraindications and risks


Immunodeficient diseases.

Ear problems because the flow of ultrasonic waves can affect the auditory system when it is not in perfect conditions.

Heart disease, pacemaker.


Renal or hepatic disorders because the expulsion of fats through these channels is essential.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Skin affections, psoriasis, eczema.


Cavitation results


By removing the adipose tissue and expelling the fat cells there is a renewal of the tissues. This change in the subcutaneous structure improves the production of new healthy and fat-free cells, something that facilitates the skin's elasticity and better tone. With the stimulation there is a regeneration of the skin, a new production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, the one in charge of improving the tension and avoiding the flaccidity. These natural substances make their appearance with greater emphasis naturally after the cavitation treatment.