About us

Our Vision


We are a team of professionals, who after training and working for others, we have joined with great enthusiasm to devise a line of work, offering services based on the needs that we have detected in our society, whether in the visitors of our islands as well as the residents of them. We think of you, from the perspective of how we would like to be treated ourselves, when we place our body confidently, in the hands and under the knowledge of a therapist.


That is why we firmly believe that: '' Taking care of you, we take care of ourselves ''. To do this before each planning, we place ourselves in the roll of clients, observing our company from the perspective that you could see it, this helps us to be self-critical and realistic with what we want and in reality we are; it is for this reason that Continuous Improvement is one of our premises, together with Innovation for sustainable development. All our services are endowed with the values that characterize us as a group; Fiability, Adaptability, Illusion, Good performance, Respect for others and the Environment.


'' Bio Massage '' is the opportunity to have everything in one place, if it is healthy care. We are at your disposal to guide you and answer all the concerns you may have; To achieve this we have a team made up of professionals with experience in different Alternative Therapies and Massages; Knowledge and Commercialization of Natural Products and the collaboration of the Clinic '' Vita ''. In Bio Massage we take care of you inside, but also on the outside. In our Parapharmacy '' Bayuca '' you can acquire, all our products with special price for clients of '' Bio Massage ''; Take them home and continue with what you started with us ... take care of yourself as you originally did ..... AL NATURAL !!!.


We have designed our Service Charter, so that you can enjoy them either in our facilities or on your site (with the same comfort and relaxation), also with them you will give a touch of impact and welfare to your Private or Work Events, Give or give yourself a 50% discount for birthday parties and because in company you can enjoy more and better, we recommend the Massage '' Two by Two '' (in pairs), so that you can benefit from the torrent of relaxation that treasures this unique experience, which ends with the delight that emanates from the chocolates accompanied by tea or hot tea. For all we recommend the Special '' Bio Massage '' with the option to be done in Four Hands, all your body and soul are activated carefully and exponentially. Your being is submerged in a paradise of total well-being that you will not want to save, you will surely repeat. And for medical matters, we have the collaboration of the '' Vita Clinic '' which offers, among others, 24 hour service.


Nowadays, more are looking for forms of non-invasive care, but there are still those who are unaware of the various alternative therapies that exist for this purpose, these are based on the care of being integrally, alleviating or preventing discomfort in the body. In our center we apply several of them; We inform you on the web about the Benefits, Indications and Contraindications that the different massages or therapeutic techniques report in each corresponding section. It should be noted that we only use organic, ecological and / or natural products. Each of our services respond to a particular need and we adapt it to those indicated by our clients or detected by our professionals at the time of performing them. WE WAIT FOR YOU, WITH YOU OUR TEAM IS COMPLETED ....




This term emphasizes the rejection of artificial chemicals or pesticides in production, using

only natural ones.


This type of product is more respectful to your health, avoiding many problems of intolerance and allergy to chemicals, and to nature, since they contribute to preserve natural resources for generations to come.




It is the one that follows a production process that respects the environment. This certificate

guarantees that the products that incorporates it:


They use the best environmental practices.

They manage to preserve the maximum natural resources.

They apply demanding standards on animal and plant welfare.

They use renewable resources integrated in local systems.